We are proudly working with Corvus Coffee in order to serve you the best cup of coffee we can. Corvus Coffee roasts coffee from all over the world, all with different characters of flavors and stories behind them.


espresso/doppio            3

macchiato (30z)             3.5

cortado (40z)                3.75

cappuccino (80z)            4

americano                     3.25     4.5

latte                            4          4.5

caramel latte                4.5       5

mocha                           4.8       5.2

white mocha                  4.8       5.2




batch brew                   3           3.5

au lait                       3.5       4

nitro coldbrew                          4.2




steamer                        3          3.2

italian soda                   3.2       3.8

tea                               3.8       4.2

hot chocolate                3.5       3.8

chai                              4          4.2

london fog                    4          4.5

matcha latte                  4.5       5

kombucha                                  5




extra shot                     1.25

whipped cream               0.5

alternative milk             0.75

in-house syrups             0.5

vanilla | rose | lavender | almond


Most drinks are available iced or decaf.


burrito 6

potato, egg, sausage, cheese, green chili, salsa

Bagel 6

egg, bacon, cheddar (on plain or everything bagel)

Avocado Toast 7

avocado, grape tomatoes, red chili tomatoes, bacon flakes

almond toast 7

almond, chia seed, banana, honey, coconut

coconut chia bowl 8

chia pudding, banana, coconut, spinach, in-house compote, granola, honey

breakfast croissant 8

egg, sausage, gouda, tomatoes, spinach, in-house spicy aioli

pesto chicken panini 9

chicken, bacon, red onion, swiss cheese, tomato

adult grilled cheese 9

ham, cheese, in-house spicy aioli

*gluten free bread available for all items except the burrito

*gluten free granola available

*coconut chia bowl is vegan

*breakfast croissant, pesto chicken panini, and adult grilled cheese come with a seasonal salad.


amber latte

spiced vanilla, cinnamon, rum sauce

autumn latte

spiced vanilla, pumpkin

nitro mocha

nitro cold brew, chocolate, cream

Mexican mocha w/ torched marshmallow

mocha, cinnamon, torched marshmallow

dreamy apple cider

apple cider, whipped cream, apple spice

brown sugar maple latte

brown sugar, maple

Italian mule

espresso, ginger beer, almond milk, cinnamon

peppermint hot chocolate

peppermint, chocolate


Toasted bagel + blueberry compote

bagel + egg and cheese

Egg + cheese croissant

ham and cheese croissant + glaze honey dijon mustard

chai chia cupf